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Horse Starting

Horse starting - is done over 6 weeks.  This timeframe may vary depending on your horse. If further time is required it will be discuss with the owner before going ahead

What to expect - Your horse is started under saddle and will flow through the transitions of walk, trot and canter. A back up will be introduced and will respond well to stopping.  

Young horses need direction by the ridder so if you have not had a young green horse before we encourage you to book extra lessons with Pete once the starting process has been finalised.  Pete will do a handover with you when you pickup your horse.


Young horses are ridden 5 days a week. There maybe occassional  factors like bad weather that may prevent some days.

Photos and videos will be taken and posted on our Facebook page "Horses with Pete Webber" but please note this is an add on to our services which is  offered by Steph Webber.  There is no particular time or amount of photos and videos done.

Your fees include 2 feeds a day plus hay.

Please DO NOT send any feed or gear with your horse.  They will have everything that they need.


Hoof trims  $66 

Float loading lessons $300

In the event of injury or illness vets fees are charged directly to the owner. Owners will need to liase with our local vet to ensure  procedures can be done.  Owners are the first call we make in the event of illness or injury (where possible).

Cost: please contact for pricing

A $300 NONREFUNDABLE booking fee is required at the time you book your horse in. This is to hold your horses spot and will come off your balance which is due before we start your horse.



Horse training fees will depend on the lenght of time your horse is with us for training.

Training is teaching your horse a discipline Such as:  Campdrafting, Cutting, Reining, Stockhorse ridden events. 

If you would like a solid foundation in your horse we can offer 6 weeks of basics.  This includes training techniqus with stops, back ups, soft feel, cadence, smooth tranistions, roll backs, collection and much more.

Please contact for more information.

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